Point Taken: Should Paying for Sex Be a Crime?

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Why you should care

Because sex work is part of every economy.

This week, Point Taken talked about sex. Specifically, one of the oldest and most controversial professions in history: sex work. Amnesty International, for one, recently came out in favor of decriminalizing the global sex trade. But are we there yet, in America and beyond? Some people are adamant that sex work is intrinsically exploitive and must remain a crime. Others contend that for those in poverty who lack educational and economic opportunity, sex work can be an understandable, and even respectable, path to a decent life.

On Point Taken this week, OZY co-founder Carlos Watson and company debate the question. Panelists include a former sex worker, who says she could make up to $4,000 a week, and who is advocating for both women who want to exit the trade and those who choose to make their living in it. Check out the full episode above, and let Carlos know what you think at carlos.watson@ozy.com.



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