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If You Knew What a News Producer Knows

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Why you should care

Because when you’re looking through the eyes of the world, seeing what’s there to be seen is better than being told what you saw.

Welcome to The Professionals, an eight-part video series that connects you to the hearts, minds and anything-but-ordinary days of the people who run things, do things and make things GO.

You’d have to be cut from a very different kind of cloth to want to be a news producer under the best of circumstances.

We mean the number of cat-caught-in-a-tree stories seem to greatly outweigh stories of real gravity and import, and while we don’t have the precise numbers, we do have a sense of the world we live in and how the tables are tilting on any given day. Cats: 1, Really, really awful stuff: seemingly endless and counting. Add in the United Nations and their propensity for possibly being the first to any number of places in the grips of full-blown horror and the fact that someone would choose to be a TV producer there, as Jorge “Lolo” Rodriguez has, seems to boggle the mind.

Until the bespectacled Rodriguez spells it out in a way that just about anybody should be able to understand: “What the world needs … is fewer barriers, more openness, more communication, more dialogue. … Problems are always going to be problems. Those are issues to be resolved.”

Which is the “what,” but the “how”? Rodriguez has much more than a good sense of precisely this.

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