The In-Demand ‘Muralista’ With a Feminist Message

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Why you should care

Because spray paint in the hands of a woman has a different message.

Jessica Sabogal’s work has been appearing on larger and larger walls — and that’s just the way she likes it.

Graffiti it is not; spray paint may be her medium, but, Sabogal says, her work is always legal. The 28-year-old believes that murals should “stand for something,” and that her work is part of a shift as the medium moves into galleries and the fine art world. And though her messages are radical, Sabogal has partnered with some powerful corporate clients, most recently Facebook, for which she painted a large mural of a mother and child on the company’s office walls in the heart of Silicon Valley. The simple power of the image against the backdrop of cubicles in a notoriously male-dominated field needs no additional words.

Watch our video to hear more about this Colombian-American artist and her feminist message.


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