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    In its short history, OZY has had its fair share of editors, courtiers and knaves, but it’s only ever had one King. Despite having been present for its rough birth zero (circa 2013 A.D.), Nancy King has been content to remain in the shadows of the OZY kingdom, shunning the opulence, ostentation and lavish victuals (read complementary Clif bars) of its inner court in favor of the knockabout world of the contributors, freelancers and commoners at its fringes. But don’t let her relatable personality and remote Rhode Island digs fool you, Nancy has anything but the common touch, and has been elevating OZY’s content and raising its game in countless unseen ways since the beginning, most recently as editor of its Rising Stars section.

    As any writer knows who has placed their fledgling creation on her editing altar, if you throw together a mixed or half-baked metaphor, Nancy, a Manhattan native and foodie with degrees from Princeton, NYU and Stanford, will pull a rich, flavorful bouillabaisse from the oven (unfortunately she didn’t edit this one before it went to press). Send Charlie Sheen into the kitchen and out comes Charlie Dickens.

    Before coming to OZY, Nancy, whose childhood content consumption included heavy doses of Elton John, Judy Blume and The Love Boat, enjoyed extended stints as an editor for Stanford Magazine and as a marketing manager at HarperCollins, and also enjoyed ending a brief stint as an associate at a New York law firm. In her free time, in addition to cooking up a storm for her husband and daughter, Nancy enjoys reading New York Times obituaries, strolling through cemeteries, and avoiding house guests. In short, if you want to get her attention, then you should call her, email her or die a noteworthy death. Until kingdom comes though, those of us in the OZY dominion will rejoice in our Editor-Regnant. Long live the King!

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