The Psychologists Dealing With an Economic Crisis … Through Group Therapy

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Why you should care

Because no one needs to suffer solo or in silence.

Every day, Venezuela inches closer to chaos. Years of economic mismanagement and overdependence on oil have created a cratering economy with the world’s worst negative growth rate (- 8 percent) and worst inflation rate (482 percent), according to the International Monetary Fund. Across the country, supermarket shelves are bare and hospitals lack critical equipment, medication and even running water.

Caracas, once known as the Paris of South America, suffers regular blackouts and other, daily indignities. The government, meanwhile, refuses to acknowledge the crisis, blaming the instability on the U.S. government and elitist local opponents. “We’re all victims of this situation,” explains Stefania Aguzzi, a psychologist who recently co-founded Psychologists to the Rescue to help Venezuelans cope with the relentless struggle. “Everyone here is sick,” says Aguzzi, “but Venezuela needs a resistant society, not a sick one.”

In this video, OZY attends Psychologists to the Rescue’s first group workshop to witness the healing process in action.


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