OZY Video: Your Valentine's Day — Not Screwed Up

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Why you should care

Because if you ace this, you’re home free. At least until the cycle of peril begins again.

It’s been statistically proven: More folks break up on, near or around Valentine’s Day than say, July 17. So, if it is your ardent and heartfelt desire to make it past the holiday with your relationship unscathed, there’s nothing better than seeking the counsel of celebrities.

Wise, wiser and sage students of infinite depth and range such as Gwyneth Paltrow, David Beckham and Pippa Middleton offer the public their advice for this most Eros-ruled of holidays. The tender counsel on whatever relationship confusions might arise in the course of your celebrity marriage, multimillion-dollar bauble purchase or the pleasures of palace hide-and-seek. You know, things you can all relate to.

Wait. You don’t have a celebrity marriage and subsequent divorce, multimillions of dollars or a palace? Hmm… well how about just having OZY’s Eugene S. Robinson help you navigate your way through yet another holiday of possible horrors?



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