Off to the (2016) Races

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Why you should care

Because everyone’s already plotting who’s going to be president in 2016. 

The votes from Election Day last week still haven’t all been counted. But the political world is already so over 2014.

It’s now officially 2016 time. And President Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, has stuff to say about Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. OZY CEO and co-founder Carlos Watson sat down for an exclusive with Messina — a behind-the-scenes guy to his core, who rarely gives interviews — in D.C. this week. Messina, who heads up a super PAC already raising money for a potential Hillary bid, is already thinking about who he’d most like to run against. He’s delighted at the thought of a Paul opponent. More nerve-wracking? One of those governors in battleground states stepping up to the plate.

Parts 2 and 3 of this interview will publish tomorrow and Friday, respectively.

Photography by Sammy Dallal for OZY

Video by Tom Gorman



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