In the Barbershop: Say No to Sex?

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Why you should care

Most people want to find love, and these guys did it by saying “not yet” to sex.

Yes, people used to meet that special someone while out for a stroll or shopping for groceries. There was also a time when women were told not to have sex on the first date. But we’ve gone away from advising ladies that the best way to keep guys interested is to make them wait. And these days, meeting the right (or good enough) person often happens online.

Despite all the trepidation and horror stories from OkCupid and Tinder, everyone seems to know someone who met his or her better half online, including some of these guys.

And what worked for them? Adding an old-fashioned twist to keep their women around: refusing to have sex. For months. Hear all about it, above!



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