Carlos Files: Happy Anniversary, OZY

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Why you should care

Because you love OZY.

This Wednesday, OZY will celebrate its second-year anniversary. But why not get a head start?

When OZY’s first stories published on Sept. 16, co-founders Carlos Watson and Samir Rao — and their small, stretched but superenthusiastic staff — were operating out of dingy digs full of hand-me-down furniture and some gems from IKEA. It would take almost 18 months to upgrade to its current — and distinctly more awesome — world headquarters in downtown Mountain View, California.

So far, we’ve brought you more than 4,000 stories about people and trends that we think give you an edge in navigating a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Whether via Rising Stars, Fast Forwards or Acumens, our mission has been to provide ahead-of-the-curve insights and analysis. But enough with our sales pitch. Let’s hear from one of the men who birthed our favorite baby.



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