Revisiting Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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Why you should care

Because they simply vanished.

It’s been two years since MH-370 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. None of the 239 passengers were ever found, and only one piece of debris — found on Réunion island last summer — has been confirmed. The defined search area is guided by what’s called the “ghost flight” theory, which assumes nobody was controlling the plane when it crashed and that it simply ran out of fuel.

Two other potential plane fragments surfaced recently, one near Réunion and another off Mozambique, but tests are still pending. The head of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which is handling the $133 million investigation covering more than 45,000 square miles, says he still expects to find the plane.

The passengers’ families face a legal deadline today to file suit against Malaysia Airlines for approximately $1,227,867 per passenger. But doing so means accepting the flight will never be found, something many have refused to do.

The interim report released today by the investigation team marked the tragedy’s two-year anniversary but offered few insights.


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