What Do Crimefighters Read When They're Not Battling Evil?

What Do Crimefighters Read When They're Not Battling Evil?
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Why you should care

Because everyone needs a hero of the literary variety. 

The Tick landed (with a bang) on Amazon Prime on August 25. The big, blue, eccentric hero (of the super variety) is joined by Arthur, his reluctant partner in thwarting evil. Before the pair come crashing through your ISP, they’ve stopped by OZY to curate our Good Sh*t section and share with us some of their favorite things.

The Tick

tick fave things

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Hi, friends. It’s me, The Tick. When I’m not battling Evil’s vile henchman, you can find me on the rooftops of The City, checking in on the epic struggle of light against darkness. Sometimes I run into Steve McDonald. He doesn’t wear a cape, friend, but he’s got his hand way up the city’s puppet, and knows where she keeps her secrets!

In fact, he’s looked up lots of cities’ puppets! And collected his findings in Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined. It’s full of neat drawings that are all thorough and complicated! And it’s a handy tool for a hero like myself (at least that’s what it says on my mailbox).

“The book allows heroes to travel quickly from place to place,” Steve assures me. “It acts as a reminder that there is a big, unique, varied and wonderful collection of cities on this planet that are worth protecting, keeping clean and keeping free of evil villains.”

the city

Steve McDonald’s rendition of The City, where The Tick and Arthur live

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Yes, man, I couldn’t have said it better if I was Destiny’s megaphone! And he does recon! Snapping secret pictures from hidden lookout points, like planes and mountains and stuff. Mysterious!

Now I just need to give a copy to Arthur! Steve thinks that’s a neat idea:

“He would be a huge fan of this book. He has an overly active mind and incredible attention to detail, and is supersmart and creative in his own way. The calming effect would be fantastic for a personality like his.”

So c’mon, Arthur! Heed Destiny’s call, asking you to draw between the lines.


arthur fave thing

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A coloring book? I mean I … I don’t need a coloring book. I’m a together person! I just want to prove that I’m not crazy (I’m not crazy!), and that the man who killed my father is still alive.

I mean, I’m not obsessive or anything, but I did find this book by Marc Ruskin, a former FBI informant, really informative. In The Pretender: My Life Undercover for the FBI, Ruskin switches between identities to bring down evil masterminds. I only have two personas — I think. I don’t know. I’m taking my medication.

The Tick starts streaming August 25 exclusively with Prime on Amazon.

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