Crime All the Time: Murder Most Foul

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Why you should care

Because our lesser angels never sleep.

Video by Tom Gorman. Part 2 of 3.

The reality of modern capitalism is that it prizes capital above all else. Modern sensibilities, though, have tempered its shadow side, and so most of us experience a system that celebrates capital but is also ethical. Sometimes even caring. Or attempts to be. Unless it doesn’t. At all.

Then you have Anthony Senter and Joseph Testa, more commonly called the Gemini Twins, after the Gemini Lounge, the bar and private abattoir where they hung and plied their grisly and lucrative trade.

“They were very nice-looking men,” said former NYPD officer Maria Melendez, whose close associate, beat cop Paul Wuerth, busted Anthony Senter during a routine traffic stop. But they weren’t, and what they were, according to almost everyone, was murderously dangerous.

OZY’s Eugene S. Robinson, continuing his series that started on the meaner streets of mid-’70s New York City, mulls over the modern machinery of Mafia murder.



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