Are You an OZY Genius? You Could Win $10,000

Are You an OZY Genius? You Could Win $10,000

Why you should care

Because you want to change the world, and we want to help make it happen.

This year, make your holiday break count. Why not use it to take the first step toward chasing one of your biggest dreams? Whether you want to write a bestseller or launch a tech startup, film a pilot, work toward a cancer cure or revolutionize politics, OZY wants to help.

Welcome to the second edition of the OZY Genius Awards. We’re awarding 10 brilliant undergraduate students $10,000 to make their passion project a reality. Our touchstone? The story of a young Harper Lee. Her friends pooled their money to allow her to take a year off, job-free, to write the book that would become To Kill a Mockingbird.

Could you be the next Harper Lee — or Mark Zuckerberg or Zadie Smith? It’s time to find out. To apply, fill out a brief questionnaire and upload a short video or image describing your project by January 31.

Cheers to you, genius!


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